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This is my artistic and literary works.

Neat huh?


Mostly the furry fandom and trains XD


Horrible wolf drawing by HolliKyo

So...Let's analyse this drawing and see where you need to improve, as well as highlight the things you got right! We shall begin with t...

Aleu's Portrait by Aleu45
by Aleu45

LIKES Well...I like the shading on the back and underneath the legs. She either looks determined that something will happen, looking in...


Journal History


The station looked like it had seen a lot. Its beige stone walls were built in an age where worrying was not a top priority. The catenary structures looked old too. Snow and rain ave since eroded the metal poles down to rust.

Will and Denny weren't there to observe the structures tht made up an Interurban depot. In fact, Denny couldn't observe anything. He had been blinded.

"Is the train here yet?" He asked as he poked his stick against the stone walls.

Will replied "No. I'll tell you when I see a headlight,"

"This being blind sucks"

"Well, i told you to not look directly at the Lightning mongrel!"

"Well, you should have told me!" Denny misheard his brother.


As the two continued to bicker, a headlight appeared in the distance. Will ceased the argument when he saw it. "Train's coming"

The electric train was composed of three passenger cars, all powered by pantographs of course. By the looks of it, they had been on the property for a long time. Their red and orange colors were fading to something that was more dull. "Does this train have a snack car?" Denny Said

"I can hardly imagine that a snack car will be on a mid-day interurban train," Will replied.

"I was just asking," Denny said as the trio of cars came to a stop. though his sound was enhanced, the screeching of the brakes did not bother him.

Will grabbed Denny's hand. "Dude..." Denny said.


"Please let go" He pulled his hand to his side because he didn't want other train patrons to think that they were a same-sex couple. But when he tripped on that first step, he clung onto his brothers arm. As the train began to move again, William and Denny found a place to sit and planted their bottoms down on the old worn leather.

The car they were in had a few other passengers as well. There was a couple sitting hand in hand right before Will and Denny. In the "bowling aisle" seats behind them, three separate men were reading three separate newspapers. A mother with her children were sitting on the other side of the aisle next to the two brothers. Ad lastly, a man with an overfilled campers backpack was sitting across from the three men reading the news. All this, Will saw with his two eyes. Denny, on the other hand just sat there and stared out in a direction that felt like forward.

"How far is it, Bro?" Denny asked.  

"Well, the merchant said it was on the other side of downtown Flagger. That's where we are now, so it shouldn't be too long of a ride,"

Just then, a conductor came upon the two and asked for tickets. William pulled them from the pocket of his jacket.

The interurban cars looked small compared to the Tall Art-deco style buildings that made up downtown Flagger. The train had no trouble navigating the straight line of rails that were embedded in the middle of the street.

"I hope this man makes me see again before dawn. I'd like this to not be a wasted dream!" Denny said

"We'll see, Bro. We'll see,"

"Stop mocking me!" he replied. Nobody really minded their arguing, at first. However, the old man with the backpack took notice of the two, and listened into their conversations.

Everyone suddenly rocked back a little as the train halted at the small downtown stop. at this stop, the three men got up and walked off the train, and soon enough, the three cars began to move again.

"This shit sucks," Denny said. "I don't like being blind"

"Well, it's not my fault you looked into that damn lightning mongrel. If it wasn't for you, we'd have made some serious money off of that carcass!"

"Yeah. Go ahead. Blame it on the vision-impaired, you twit!" Their argument made the wife and two kids get up and walk to the next car. The old man, again, took notice of their voices and leaned a little closer.

The train made another stop. This time, it was in front of a high school. The lovely young couple got out, and went on their merry way.

Now, only three passengers were within the middle car, and Denny was beginning to get annoyed at his blind eyesight. "Are we there yet?!"

"No, Denny. But we're close"

"I want to be there already so this damn guy can give me my vision back!"

Then a strange voice spoke out. "Excuse me, Gentlemen. But did you say you needed your eyesight back?"

"Who'zat?!" Denny said as he began to swing his cane in defense.

"Don't be frightened, Sir," the short old man said "For I am the apothecary,"

"Wait a minute," William spoke up," You are the man we are traveling to?"

"Precisely!" he said, "I am the miracle worker. I do wonders with every individual who has walked into my business,"

Denny found the mans collar and grabbed it, "Then why am I still BLIND?!"

"Easy, fellow! We need some things that only my store has," He said. Suddenly, the train came to a stop. If it wasn't for Denny holding the old mans shirt, the Apothecary would have fallen.

All three men alighted from the train and onto the concrete squares that made up the station.
Since this was a smaller station, a small bus shelter was the only necessity for the platform.

The old man carried his backpack as he walked down the sidewalk. Deny and William followed closely behind the man. "How far have you boys travelled?"

Will answered "not far. We were just taking care of a local problem when my brother became blind,"

"Yeah. A local problem that took my eyesight!" Denny said.

"Well, I can fix those eyes, and you'll be able to see better than ever!" the old man said. Suddenly, the man turned into a building and pulled out his keys. Will and Denny followed him into the small shop. It blended in with all the rest of the buildings. "Now follow me to the back room and sit down in the chair,"

Denny waved his stick until he found something that resembled a chair. Will helped his brother into the wooden chair. Denny was suddenly reclined as the old man pulled a lever. He removed the glasses on Denny's face and examined his eyes. after mumbling a few words, he ran to a cabinet and grabbed a few things. over the sink was where he made his concoction. Within a minute, he had created an elixir and placed it into two separate eye-droppers, then walked over to Denny and hovered the dropper over Denny's eyes. "Now as we do this, I need both of you boys to hum with me. Can you do that?"

"Yes, we can" Will said, and immediately, the old apothecary began to hum, as did Denny and William.

The droplets fell onto Denny's eyes, but nothing happened at first. Everyone was still humming. More droplets fell, but still, nothing changed.

Then, slowly, the darkness that Denny saw began to fade away. At the same time, the humming began to change too. Denny's eyesight was coming back, but he was looking at something he did not wish to see.

The darkness faded into white, and Denny felt the warmness of his pillow. He was awake now. The dream was over, and Denny slowly exited the bed. "Wake up, bro. Dream's over,"
The adventures of Dreams: Blind
Will and Denny are on a...shorter restore Den Den's Eyesight.

I'm sure I'll have another story made before the weekend, guys.
They flew.

High above the hills.

Their helium contraption was going very smoothly. "we're almost there," said William.

Denny, who was resting, gently opened his eyes sligtly, "R...Really?"

"Yes, Den. Now open the Helium Release valve!"

Denny looked up and saw the valve. he turned the wheel halfway, thus releasing some helium into the atmosphere. slowly, the airship began to decrease in altitude. Denny closed the valve again, ensuring that their ship wouldn't fall too fast.

A town creeped over their horizon. "there she is," William exclaimed. "Come check it out, Den Den,"

Denny got up with a tiny anger he was trying to hold in. "it's Denny, you twit!" he walked to the edge of the ship "what am I looking for?"

"That!" Will pointed to the cluster of buildings and an air strip. "There she is. The Village on the edge of the world"

Denny was nowhere near amazed. He was too tired to be amazed. Tired, he went back to his post and monitored the Helium pressure valve. The Pressure has been constant, and Denny knew they would be landing soon.

Will, on the other hand, began to raise the sails that helped carry them in this direction. their descent would lead them to a soft landing, but he didn't want to land in the airfield. He knew it would spell trouble. Soon enough, their airship was making a vertical descent, and both William and Denny would soon be out of their cab and onto the soil of the earth.

Their ship landed just outside of town, in a field, actually. Nobody really took notice. Therefore, nobody complained. As they entered the town, they were immersed in a cluster of activity known as the markets. While a butcher was trying to sell fresh meat, a tailor was trying to get rid of his fine clothing while a girl tried her best to play the pan flute.

"don't you just love all the activity going on, Denny?" Said William, who was delighted with the crowds.

Denny, on the other hand, did not like all the busy. He began to have a panic attack from all of it. "I do not like this environment. I do not like it at all!" His eyes opened wide as he backed into the belly of a salesman. "HAY YOU! You look like you could use some unique kitchen utensils," the man grinned.

"No, I do not need those utensils" Denny said in haste, "I do not need anything from these markets!"

He had gone into full panic mode. "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CONNIVING CREEPS!" and with that, he ran for it.

Tucker turned his head just as Denny was running away from the crowds."Denny?! Where are ya going?"

"I DON'T WANT ANYTHING YOU'RE SELLING!!!!!" he shouted. Denny and William kept playing chase, but it was William who suddenly realized where they were headed to.


"Fall o-" but suddenly, his voice stopped when he hit the pint-sized fence that kept him from falling off a big Cliff.

William tried hard to stop, but couldn't. He made direct contact with his brother, who was facing the village. their collision sent them airborne, and getting out of this one alive seemed unlikely.

They fell.

Denny and William were making a hasty descent to the bottom of the cliff. "THIS IS WHY IT'S CALLED "THE VILLAGE AT THE END OF THE WORLD, BROTHER!" shouted William. The two of them got closer together and hugged. "I'll see you in bed, buddy"

"I'll see you there too, pal" Denny responded.

And just before they hit the ground, their eyes opened.

Denny rose from his bed and looked at the clock. "huh...5 AM,"

"We should get up and get ready for work" William Responded. The two brothers exited their beds, and began another day in reality.  
The adventures of Dreams: Arrival.
This was something that I had thought up last night. Each chapter ends with the two waking up and "starting another day in reality"

We'll see what happens. I'm really pleased at what I wrote in this "chapter"
Well, a lot has changed for DA since I began here, and I Really don't think I wanna begin my webcomic on this specific page.

So I'm going to make a branch location here. Might sound silly, but I do want to begin the webcomic with as little of a base community as possible, and hopefully it'll grow overtime.

So far, the only idea I got for a name is "Mixed Nuts" using a combo of the Fischer and Planters logo. other than that, I got no ideas for a title/name. The (other) good news is that I have done a little bit of drawing, and hopefully my motivation to draw will kick up in the future. Stay Tuned, as I have a lot to think about.

I will now proceed to do what I was previously doing.  


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