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The adventures of Dreams: Blind
The station looked like it had seen a lot. Its beige stone walls were built in an age where worrying was not a top priority. The catenary structures looked old too. Snow and rain ave since eroded the metal poles down to rust.
Will and Denny weren't there to observe the structures tht made up an Interurban depot. In fact, Denny couldn't observe anything. He had been blinded.
"Is the train here yet?" He asked as he poked his stick against the stone walls.
Will replied "No. I'll tell you when I see a headlight,"
"This being blind sucks"
"Well, i told you to not look directly at the Lightning mongrel!"
"Well, you should have told me!" Denny misheard his brother.
As the two continued to bicker, a headlight appeared in the distance. Will ceased the argument when he saw it. "Train's coming"
The electric train was composed of three passenger cars, all powered by pantographs of course. By the looks of it, they had been on the property for a long time. Their red and orange colo
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The adventures of Dreams: Arrival.
They flew.
High above the hills.
Their helium contraption was going very smoothly. "we're almost there," said William.
Denny, who was resting, gently opened his eyes sligtly, "R...Really?"
"Yes, Den. Now open the Helium Release valve!"
Denny looked up and saw the valve. he turned the wheel halfway, thus releasing some helium into the atmosphere. slowly, the airship began to decrease in altitude. Denny closed the valve again, ensuring that their ship wouldn't fall too fast.
A town creeped over their horizon. "there she is," William exclaimed. "Come check it out, Den Den,"
Denny got up with a tiny anger he was trying to hold in. "it's Denny, you twit!" he walked to the edge of the ship "what am I looking for?"
"That!" Will pointed to the cluster of buildings and an air strip. "There she is. The Village on the edge of the world"
Denny was nowhere near amazed. He was too tired to be amazed. Tired, he went back to his post and monitored the Helium pressure valve. The Pressure has been const
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HOW?! by justcallmesly HOW?! :iconjustcallmesly:justcallmesly 1 1 Mixed Nuts logo ver. 02 by justcallmesly Mixed Nuts logo ver. 02 :iconjustcallmesly:justcallmesly 1 0 Mixed Nuts logo ver. 01 by justcallmesly Mixed Nuts logo ver. 01 :iconjustcallmesly:justcallmesly 1 0
The Chair
It was built in 1946, the chair. Made of fine wood, the chair was carved neatly by a skilled craftsman, who then gave it a nice dark wood finish. The seat and back were filled with fuzz, then covered with a nice green fabric. The green upholstery comforted anyone that sat in the chair. and the chair was happy  :)
The chair sat in a big room, a nice room. Many chairs like him were in this room. Women of all shapes and sizes sat in the chairs. They typed away with their typewriters, typing whatever it was they were writing (chairs couldn't see the things they did)
But in any case, the chair was happy.
Sometimes new things came in. Chair wanted to know what was in those boxes. Sometimes he found out, other times he did not, but it didn't really matter to him, because he knew he'd be happy forever.
But as time went on, the Chairs grew older. and Chairs fabric was just beginning to fade. But the Chair was happy doing his job.
Sometimes he saw one of his comrades have a minor break, and
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Near death (the first version)
Darrel wanted to die.
He didn’t really have a reason. He just wanted to run off of this cliff in the desert. You could say he just wanted to experience death.  He even left a note on the counter back at home for his girl, Matilda.
Going to see death.
See you in heaven, Matty.
He took a breath, a very deep one actually. Darrel wanted this to be a good last breath. The phone in his pocket vibrated again, but he ignored it. He didn’t want to hear Matilda’s pleas to keep him alive.
He took a few steps back, and then ran. Darrel smirked with delight as he bent down and jumped up off of the cliff. It was energizing.
As Darrel fell down, his life began to flash before his eyes.  What he had forgotten long ago became good memories. There’s the one of him wearing pajamas to school at age 8. And there’s the one of his dentist appointment in freshmen year. Dentists suck, don’t they?
Now he’s at a special memory: his first encounter with Matilda.
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Mature content
Mrs. Frizipple teaches the kids about sex ed :iconjustcallmesly:justcallmesly 1 0
Mature content
The Life and Times of Mrs. Frizipple: Drug Buyin' :iconjustcallmesly:justcallmesly 1 1
Wow, First try by justcallmesly Wow, First try :iconjustcallmesly:justcallmesly 0 1
Welcome to my heart!
Not many people are invited to this place
Let alone have the opportunity to take some of it
But you, my dear. Oh, you are special!
So special, that I am going to let you LIVE inside it.
You've proven yourself worthy, and I've wanted you for so long.
So let me grab your bags for you.
Good thing you packed and brought all your things.
You're going to need them you're going to stay here for the rest of your life!
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Bumps in the Road
Walking along on a lovely road
until we hit a bump
We fall down and hit the ground
and we both get some lumps
But we get up, brush off the dust
and move on hand in hand
There will be more bumps as we go
but we'll make it through this land
No rain or snow, no heat nor cold
will keep me from my lover
and when we hit more bumps in the road
We'll still be with each other
So if you feel you're hitting some bumps
make sure to get up from the fall
Cause if you cannot revive yourselves
then you just might lose it all
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Can't be Taken Down
sigh* Don't stop believing
Never stop achieving
I will always love you
And never separate from you
One day you will see me
Proof that I'll never leave
And many more will like it
when i lift the veil and we touch lips
But that is far away
our magical wedding day
We've got a long way to go
and we just have to survive the bumps in the road
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Worried and anxious
I hope my girlfriend returns
so I can have what I do miss
I want to love my Kitty girl
With some soft hugs and a tender kiss
It makes my heart sink and my feelings sad
to think what's happened to my girl
But if she comes back, I'll be glad
to be loved by the most beautiful woman in the world
So now I wait with worry and angst
knowing that my girl is probably alright
and I am holding my tears with all my strength
Wanting to love my girl through the night
:iconjustcallmesly:justcallmesly 0 5
Hopefully yours forever
Look at the girl standing over there
with the pretty green eyes, and beautiful black hair
Have you seen a sight so sweet for thine eyes
because that woman so sweet, is mine to your surprise
She loves me a lot, and I love her much more
Nobody else that I truly adore
So i'll go and i'll bother, but I'll fill her with smiles
across the states. the regions, the miles...
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Cleaning a house for a friend
Bob, a tabby cat working the white collar, was walking home from work when he first saw Nathan, a German Shepherd. He had taken a new route from the Elevated rail station, and enjoyed it. But the boy sweeping the sidewalks of the main street caught his eye. He stopped, glanced back, and moved on. “Interesting to see someone actually cleaning these dirty streets,” he said under his own breath.
The next day, Bob took the same route to and from the EL. On the way there he saw nothing unusual (even seeing a “hoover home” in an alley was normal for him). But on the way back from the terminal, he saw the same dog cleaning the streets wearing his rags, though they were neat. As he walked by him, he made a kind remark “Glad to see you’re cleaning the streets”
“It makes me feel great to clean” Nate responded. And the two parted ways yet again, as Bob strolled back to his home.
However, the third day was different. As he walked home through t
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This is my artistic and literary works.

Neat huh?


??? by MonstaBunnie ??? :iconmonstabunnie:MonstaBunnie 4 2 My Little Foxy by MonstaBunnie My Little Foxy :iconmonstabunnie:MonstaBunnie 1 1 Pizza alimento by LaKirly Pizza alimento :iconlakirly:LaKirly 2 0 Lionnnn~ by CharlieDoodle Lionnnn~ :iconcharliedoodle:CharlieDoodle 6 8 Melancholic by zack6607 Melancholic :iconzack6607:zack6607 4 0
Mature content
self indulgence . . . . :iconmstardy:mstardy 1 0
The Kids Aren't Alright by BurntPickle The Kids Aren't Alright :iconburntpickle:BurntPickle 3 3 Lewd Adult Polly by GhostieBeastie
Mature content
Lewd Adult Polly :iconghostiebeastie:GhostieBeastie 2 0
Talk with you by Nino5571 Talk with you :iconnino5571:Nino5571 108 4 Pow! by Backlash91 Pow! :iconbacklash91:Backlash91 24 5 Fursona by Seiigh Fursona :iconseiigh:Seiigh 4 0  Mikhail Gabriel Shepherd by Autumn-Ellen-Lynn Mikhail Gabriel Shepherd :iconautumn-ellen-lynn:Autumn-Ellen-Lynn 5 0 Kevin by deanna290 Kevin :icondeanna290:deanna290 2 0 Kim K, Why u take over de internet? by phycophoenix
Mature content
Kim K, Why u take over de internet? :iconphycophoenix:phycophoenix 1 0
Apple Pie by funkwood Apple Pie :iconfunkwood:funkwood 7 11
Mostly the furry fandom and trains XD


So...Let's analyse this drawing and see where you need to improve, as well as highlight the things you got right! We shall begin with t...

by Aleu45

LIKES Well...I like the shading on the back and underneath the legs. She either looks determined that something will happen, looking in...


Journal History


Well, a lot has changed for DA since I began here, and I Really don't think I wanna begin my webcomic on this specific page.

So I'm going to make a branch location here. Might sound silly, but I do want to begin the webcomic with as little of a base community as possible, and hopefully it'll grow overtime.

So far, the only idea I got for a name is "Mixed Nuts" using a combo of the Fischer and Planters logo. other than that, I got no ideas for a title/name. The (other) good news is that I have done a little bit of drawing, and hopefully my motivation to draw will kick up in the future. Stay Tuned, as I have a lot to think about.

I will now proceed to do what I was previously doing.  


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Hola ¿Cómo estás?

Se Hablo español pero no es fluente

:iconjesuschristplz: HE IS MY SAVIOR

Interesting facts of me

I am in a lovely relationship with Hope Sansirivini. You can find her on her new DA account -----> :icondaroguebunniex:

I have never seen the Pacific Ocean in person.

I have never been in an airplane, or an Amtrak train.

I'm a republican with a few democratic qualities.

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...that should do er.

Tools of the trade: Canon EOS Rebel T3, Macbook, Tripod (for cameras and as a weapon, if needed)

MP3 Player of choice: iPad? iPOD? NOPE! I play records, people, and will never own an IPOD or an IPAD

BTW, I hate furry haters. You will be blocked if you hate on me. I'm not one to yell at you back, but I will call you a child if you yell at me (though We do act like children)


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